Marisquiño 2018 x DICKIES

Roll: Edition

Client: Dickies Life Europe

Location: Vigo

Description: Back for another yearly dose of action sports. Dickies Life represented at the Skate & BMX park.

Making Of "Un Baño"

Roll: Direction, Edition, Camera

Client: The Collective Creative Lab.

Location: Barcelona

Description: Making Of about the short film "Un Baño" directed by Nacho Bibián.

Dickies LookBook Fall/Winter 2017

Roll: Direction, Edition, Camera

Client: Dickies.

Location: Paris (France)

Description: Fall/Winter Collection Fashion Film.


Roll: Direction, Edition, Camera

Client: Reebok

Location: Paris (France)

Description: Fashion Film make in Paris for Reebok Classic in 2017.


Roll: Direction, Edition, Camera

Client: elona (Zinkers

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Description: Festival dedicated motor world in the city of Granollers.


Roll: Direction, Edition, Camera

Client: GRAUM & Dickies.

Location: Granada (Spain)

Description: The biggest street culture event in Andalucia.

Videoclip "Follow Me"

Roll: Post-Production (Edition, Color Grading, VFX)

Client: Undisputed Records & Rhythm & Flow

Location: Barcelona, France, Jamaica.

Description: Videoclip of the Jamaican Skarra Mucci with Malaga artists Little Pepe.

Rufus X Dickies (Trailer)

Roll: Edition, Camera

Client: Dickies

Location: Barcelona

Description: The Dickies X Rufus cola has dropped. Check out the action from the launch party.

Inspiración Metalica Opening Party

Roll: Edition & Camera

Client: Dickies, Inspiración Metalica

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Description: Inspiración Metalica opened a place last weekend where the motorcycle dreams come true for people who love both the world of two wheels and four.

Works For Me (Trailer)

Roll: Edition, Sound FX, Motion Graphics

Client: Dickies

Description: Trailer for the film "Works For Me"Available in DVD.

"Mano a Mano" Teaser

Roll: Camera, Edition, Sound & Special FX

Client: Chigreton Records

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Description: Teaser of an independent film, starring Hip Hop artist Manoperro.

O'Marisquiño 2016

Roll: Camera, Edition, Sound FX

Client: Dickies

Location: Vigo (Spain)

Description: The most important extreme sport festival in Spain.

Dickies Fall/Winter 2016 LookBook

Roll: Edition

Client: Dickies

Description: Collection presentation of the important brand.